Volvo Winter Check + FREE Volvo Gift

All this for Only £19.95* (worth over £70)

We take the health of your Volvo seriously so we’re offering you a Volvo Systems Diagnostic (Winter Health Check) for only £19.95* (worth £70 including the free gift). As an authorised Volvo service centre, we are able to look into your Volvo's history and provide you with an up-to-date report on your Volvo.

What is included in the Volvo Winter Check?

This 40-minute long session is carried out by a Volvo technician who will connect your car directly to the Volvo factory's computer in Sweden. It includes:

  • A 40-point safety visual health check (see below for all the checks*)
  • The winter check pays extra attention to the aspects of your Volvo that needs to be fully working in the cold months, such as the battery, anti-freeze, wipers and other elements
  • A software check to see if your Volvo has the latest version**
  • A courtesy wash and vacuum so your car will be looking its absolute best**
  • A Volvo Health Check report printout
  • We will even check if you qualify for a Free service or Volvo Assistance Cover
Volvo Personal Technician doing Volvo Winter Health Check

Who is it good for?

Volvo cars are designed with an specific manufacturer's scheduled maintenance depending on the time and mileage, making every service different.

  • This diagnostic is a good way to catch up with your Volvo servicing status, in case the service history is unknown, not up to date or if the vehicle has been bought outside the Volvo dealership network (e.g. private sale)
  • It is also ideal in between yearly services to ensure that everything is running safely until the next service is due
  • If you are planning a long road trip during school break or the festive season

What are the costs involved?

The Volvo Winter Check result is brought up on a traffic light basis listing each point checked:

  • Green - everything is functioning just as it should be
  • Amber - it flags up potential danger and any issues that should be looked into soon
  • Red - urgent when something needs immediate attention

Then, it is entirely up to you to decide if you would like any of the amber or red flag work to be carried out on your Volvo. You will also receive the Volvo Summer Kit completely FREE.

* Volvo Health Check List of Actions

  • Exterior - Bodywork, Glass & Mirrors, Wiper Blades, Front Lights, Rear Lights, Engine Noise/Smoke
  • Interior - Seat Belts, Steering Wheel, Brake Service, Clutch Action, Horn, Washers
  • Under the Bonnet - Oil Level, Brake Fluid, Coolant, Power Assisted Steering Fluid, Condition of Visible Belts, Check for Leaks, Battery
  • Wheels & Tyres - Spare, Near Side Front and Read, Off Side Front and Rear
  • Underside - Drive Train, Drive Shafts, Wheel Bearings, Steering, Suspension, Exhaust System / Catalyst, Check for Leaks, Check for Damage
  • Brakes - Front Brakes, Rear Brakes
  • Accessories & Other - Recalls and Service Upgrades, Any Other Work


Volvo Personal Service And Winter Health Check

FREE VOLVO Care Kit with The Health Check

Get a Volvo Care Kit as a gift from Sentinel Volvo, which includes:
• Car Shampoo - Removes dirt and grime with ease leaving a sparkling finish
• Bird & bug remover - Hydrates and creates an easy wipe off solution
• Screen wash - Remove everyday dirt, grime and insect deposits
• Microfibre cloth
- Contains microscopic fibres to actively clean up dirt and grease

Remember to mention the Volvo Care Kit when you are booking your Volvo Winter Check.

Request a booking for the Volvo Systems Diagnostic Winter Check today with Sentinel in north London. Call us on 0208 8002200 or use the online enquiry button below.


** Terms & Conditions:

• The software check is intended to let you know if your Volvo is running with the most up-to-date version - If any updates are required, these are chargeable • The wash and vacuum are complimentary. This is not a full valet and the end result will depend on the initial condition of the vehicle • If you require a diagnostic due to any specific fault or problem in your Volvo, please contact us directly on 0208 8002200 to discuss, as the health check is not intended to detect these issues and there are other solutions available •

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