Used Volvo S60

When you’re looking for a high quality Approved Used model, look no further than Sentinel Volvo. We have a wide range of models such as the S60, the stylish saloon that is perfect for all sorts of drivers including families, individuals and business users.

The S60 sports a wide set front grille and low rise bumpers giving the car an athletic prowess. As a four door, it is spacious and convenient, making it practical for life’s everyday adventures without compromising on its elegant design.

Select from either front or four-wheel drive depending on your preference, and choose between the many diesel and petrol powertrain options. The 2.0-litre T6 AWD petrol with 300bhp and 441Nm of torque is just one example of how the S60 can truly deliver on the road.

Inside the Volvo S60, drivers can enjoy modern features, with some of the newer models boasting state-of-the-art safety elements and a DAB radio. Comfortable interiors with leather upholstery and soft fabrics make driving the S60 a real pleasure. 

At Sentinel, you can rest assured that all of our Volvo models are of the highest quality. We only sell fully inspected and approved models that come with a full warranty. Browse these pages now to find a low cost, reliable used Volvo model.

Give the team a call today for more information on our wide range of models. We have exclusive offers throughout the year across our range; simply ask one of our sales team members for more information. We can arrange a test drive at our dealership in North London at your earliest convenience.

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