Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are Sentinel and Volvo ending their agreement?

A. By mutual consent, Sentinel and Volvo Cars UK have agreed to part ways. The level of investment in the site at Seven Sisters that Volvo require for us to conform with their brand guidelines from a cosmetic perspective, would have meant us raising our prices with little to no added value for you, as a customer. We took a commercial decision that value for money took priority over aesthetics.

Q. What does this mean for me as a customer?

A. As a customer you will still receive the same expert level of technical experience and customer care as you have done previously. You will still be looked after by the same, professional team at our site in North London, which remains the only dedicated Volvo specialist in the area.

Q. Will you continue to contact me for my service and MOT?

A. Yes. Nothing will change. We will continue to contact you to book for servicing and MOT’s as we have done until now. You can book a service or MOT here.

Q. Will my Volvo warranty still be valid if Sentinel service my car?

A. Yes. Your Volvo warranty will still be valid as Volvo’s service maintenance schedule will always be maintained using Genuine Volvo parts and recommended oils. However, please be aware that we will no longer be able to carry out repairs under the terms of the Volvo new car warranty.

Q. Will the resale value of my vehicle be adversely affected, if I continue to use Sentinel for servicing and repair?

A. No. As a reputable, specialist independent retailer, we will continue to use Volvo genuine parts, oils, and diagnostic equipment, as well as continuing to send our technical team to the Volvo training centre, which means that your vehicle will be serviced and maintained to the same standard as it would be in a franchised dealership and the resale value of your vehicle should not be adversely affected.

Q. Will my service plan still be valid?

A. It’s difficult to give a definitive answer as there are a number of different service plans in the marketplace, so please contact us directly for clarification.

Q. What training will your staff receive?

A. All of our technicians will continue to be trained at Volvo’s dedicated, state of the art Training Centre in Daventry, by the Volvo technical training team, exactly as they have been previously.

Q. What if there is a technical problem with my vehicle outside the scope of routine maintenance or servicing?

A. We will continue to have access to Volvo’s special tooling and latest diagnostic equipment, including access to their technical team through the Volvo systems to which we subscribe.

Q. Will you still be able to carry out software updates?

A. Yes, with access to Volvo’s latest diagnostic equipment and the Volvo systems to which we subscribe, we will still be able to offer all forms of software updates just as we do today.

Q. Will you still be able to offer Volvo Assistance?

A. We will no longer be able to offer Volvo Assistance, however we do have an alternative and comparable Assistance option available to all customers, which we will be updating you about shortly.

Q. Will you still offer loan car and collection and delivery services?

A. Yes. We will still offer complementary collection and delivery within the London area and you will still be able to reserve a loan car in advance, if you do not want to be without a vehicle.

Q. Will you continue to sell quality Volvo Used cars

A. Yes. With more than 10 years in the Volvo franchise we will continue to stock an excellent mix of used Volvos for sale that have undergone a Sentinel check in our specialist workshop, for your peace of mind and will continue to have financing available at very competitive rates. View our latest stock here.

Q. Will you continue to offer genuine Volvo parts?

A. Yes. We will continue to use Volvo genuine parts in the repair and maintenance of newer vehicles and will also have a wider range of non-genuine, more cost-effective parts that may be more appropriate in the repair of older vehicles.

Q. Will you continue to offer the same level of service that you have over many years

A. Yes. The staff remain the same and fully committed to continuing the excellent service to which you have been accustomed.

Q. Can I contact somebody if I have any concerns?

A. Yes. Please email our General Manager, Richard Kirton at, if you have any further questions.