Weekend Journal

What are you up to this weekend?

If you’re an outdoors person and enjoy cycling or trekking up and around the peaks, or simply like to drive to a nice pub lunch for the weekend, let yourself be cocooned by Volvo.

The XC range from Volvo has all the equipment and driver assistance technologies to help you enjoy driving and your passengers enjoy the comforts of being driven home.

Zero Carbon mission

Polestar, the luxury brand from Volvo is on a mission to reduce and ultimately eliminate carbon emissions.

To achieve that, Polestar's strategy is to transform its entire production and supply chain system. This will be done by collaborating with companies’ leaders in their field of operation and already working with Volvo on creating sustainable components, such as steel, that have a great impact on reducing emissions.

The goal of polestar is to build a carbon-neutral car by 2030.