Volvo Electronic & Sound Accessories

Genuine Volvo Accessories are the perfect addition to your driving experience. Made with the same high technology and quality materials as Volvo cars, they add practicality and style every step of the way. Every accessory fitted by Sentinel carries a minimum of 1 year warranty (up to 3 years) and you will receive a discount labour rate when buying the accessory directly from us.

Find a selection of the top seller electronic and sound enhancements for your Volvo car here. Get in touch with Sentinel for the full range of products available for your Volvo and let us help you find the right addition to your car. Speak to our team on 0208 8002200 or make an enquiry via our website.

Rear Park Assist Sensor

Activated when reverse gear is on, the rear park assist sensor helps you assess distance accurately using a beeping sound informing you of possible obstructions, helpful especially during parking. Ask for more information.​

Park Assist Rear Camera

An extra aid for reversing and parking maneuvers, the rear camera increases your field of vision and the markings help you align the car correctly. Ask for more information.​

DAB Radio for Volvo Cars

DAB digital radio makes lets you listen to your favorite radio stations and tracks with high quality transmission and interference free. It works anywhere where there is DAB radio transmission, in the UK and abroad. Ask for more information.

Rear Seat Entertainment

A new generation of rear seat entertainment with larger screens and high quality video to suit your Volvo's cabin style. It's compatible with DVD, USB, SD card and iPod media streaming. Ask for more information.

iPad Holder Seat Entertainment

Have your favorite music and films, surf the web or check emails in the comfort of your seat, using the integrated iPad Holder console for the all-new XC90 and upcoming models. Ask for more information.

Apple CarPlay for Volvo Cars

Connect your iPhone to your Volvo and safely use the main control functions directly on the Sensus Connect screen. Check messages, speak to Siri, use maps and much more with the Apple CarPlay addition. Ask for more information.​

Media Player 7" 

Play music, movies and photos for the passengers in the seat, making the journey more enjoyable. Play either different media or sync the two devices if you want to see the same movie. Media Player 7" can be played inside the car but also outside by plugging in the power adapter. Available for SPA platform Volvo models only. Ask for more information.

Media Player SERVER

Just like a server at home, the media player server lets you store a more films, music, photos and much more in your Volvo. The media is transferred via WiFi connecting up to 6 devices at the same time (mobiles, tablets and media players) and the media can be played independently on each device. Available for SPA platform Volvo models only. Ask for more information.​

Get in touch with Sentinel on and ask our Accessories team for more information including prices.

Take advantage of the 15% discount offered by Sentinel (over the advertised Volvo national prices).