Volvo Exterior Accessories

Genuine Volvo accessories have been designed to fit your Volvo with precision and similar high quality materials, in order to pass the most rigorous safety and performance tests to receive the Volvo stamp. They are also designed to add extra style and enhance your journey.

Find a selection of the latest Volvo accessories readily available at dealership in north London, with prices including fitting and warranty, and you will be good to go within the hour. Get in touch with our accessories team on 0208 8002200 to find out about the whole range of Volvo accessories available.


Volvo Accessories for the exterior - with 10% discount at Sentinel Volvo

R-Design Trim and Accessories

R-Design is the flagship sport styling and performance variation for Volvo models. You can now equip your Volvo with the same R-Design trim and accessories: R-Design exhaust, sports pedal, spoiler and more. Be ready for whatever the road brings you with your own personal R-Design sporty stamp. Ask for more information.​

Volvo R-Design Trim Accessories addition upgrade for various models

Volvo Car Roof Spoiler

Designed with special 'aero fins' and 'winglets', spoilers aid the stability of the car by applying a downforce to the ride. The roof spoiler replaces the original car spoilers with colour-coordinated features matching the rest of the car. Find a wide variety of roof spoilers available at Sentinel Volvo. Ask for more information.​

Volvo car roof spoiler for sale at Sentinel Volvo

Volvo Car Diffuser

A design element that positively affects the aerodynamics of the car. This diffuser is equipped with a number of 'aero fins' that optimise the air flow and reduce the vortices created behind the car for a smoother driving experience. It's also a noticeable styling item for those motoring trained experts. Ask for more information.​

Volvo car diffuser part of accessories store at Sentinel Volvo

Volvo Wheels

Made with the highest quality aluminium or alloy, the Volvo rims are a perfect fit to your Volvo model. Find different colours and finish, styles and sizes for extra style and personality. Sentinel offers a special wheel service with fitting included in the prices. Visit our Volvo wheels and tyres page for more information. Ask for more information.

Volvo wheel and tyres for various volvo models

Get in touch with Sentinel on and ask our Accessories team for more information including prices.

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