Volvo Interior Accessories

Genuine Volvo accessories are a perfect addition to your everyday motoring experience. Made with the highest quality material and with the exact fit for your very Volvo model, they add practicality and extra comfort to every journey, near or further afield. They have been put through rigorous crash tests in order to receive the Volvo branding and safety (ISOFIX) certifications.

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Volvo accessories for the interior

Volvo Cooler & Heater Box

A practical, portable cooler/heater box keeps food and drinks at the right temperature during your trip. Powered by a 1.5m long 12V cable that can be connected to the in-car plug, this Volvo cooler box has also a lock system to make sure everything stays where it should be. Ask for more information.

Volvo electric Cooler and heater box

Volvo Window Sunshade

These rear window sunshades fully cover againt strong sunshine and minimise heat. If the windows are open, it helps reduce the wind and noise. It also gives a similar look to your Volvo similar to the tinted effect. These Volvo sunshades, when not used, can be stored in a carry bag. Ask for more information.

Volvo Window Sunshade, sunblind, sun protection

Decor Panel for the Interior

Choose from a range of decorative pannel styles for the centre adding more style to your Volvo. Available in copper dawn, aluminum, centrecourt and modern wood. The fittting is quick and simple and can be done at home or at our dealership within minutes. Ask for more information.​

Decor panel for the centre console of Volvo cars - different colour options

Volvo In-Car Ashtray

An easy to fit and remove ashtray for Volvo cars have been cleverly design with interiour contours that makes cleaning easy. This Volvo ashtray keeps the ash inside the within the compartment at all times due to the click-on cover. Ask for more information.

Volvo in-car ashtray, fitted in the console

Volvo Infant Seat

This rear facing, highly well padded seat is ideal for infants up to 1 year old. made with 80% wool and a 5-point harness system, the child will be travelling in comfort and safely all the way. Ask for more information.​

Volvo Child Seat Booster

This booster seat and cushion adjust the child's seating to the correct seat belt height, not only offering extra comfort but also safety. It can be set to five heights and two different backrest angles. Ask for more information.

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