Volvo Load & Transport Accessories

Whether you are in need of extra space, a bit of tidying up or keeping things safely in place, the Volvo Genuine load and transport accessories are the right solution for the job. Volvo accessories are made to fit Volvo cars perfectly, without damaging the structure or compromising performance. To receive the Volvo branding, they have to meet strict safety standards and most of them are fitted into the car for crash testing. So why go for an equivalent?

Find cargo mats, dirt mat, plastic boot compartment cover, net load compartment and much more at our Volvo accessories shop at Sentinel. Most items are readily available for fitting at our dealership or by ordering for a fast next day delivery.

Get in touch with our Accessories team at Sentinel Volvo in north London so we can help you find the right item you are looking for. You can call us on 0208 8002200 or make an accessories enquiry online using the button below.


Volvo accessories - extra load, transport, cargo and heavy goods

Cargo Compartment mat

A reversible and foldable mat that fits perfectly inside the boot and protecting the rear seat backrests when the seats are folded. Made with durable, high quality fabric on one side and plastic on the other, the Volvo cargo mat comes with a metal logo and matching-colour with the interior of the vehicle. Ask for more information.

Volvo car accessories - cargo mat and internal protection

Load Compartment Grille

This perfectly designed steel grille separates the load compartment of the Volvo car and the passenger cabin. Ideal for dog owners, this load grille separates the two areas without impairing the view driver's view. Ask for more information.​

Volvo cars accessories - load compartment grille for various models

Load Compartment Organiser

Built with precision to fit the load compartment, this easy-to-adjust organiser keeps the load separated and in place. The aluminium divider has several different settings to keep loads of different sizes - suitcases, shopping bags, boxes - where they should be. Ask for more information.​

Volvo accessories - steel load compartment organiser

Load Compartment Net

A practical fabric net made of elastic material that adjusts easily to contain the load in place inside the boot. The net is installed flat on the cargo compartment floor and has attachment hooks that are hooked into the lugs fitted as standard. Ask for more information.​

Volvo accessories - load compartment net

Fixed or Detachable Towbar

An easy to mount towbar that offers safety and performance, it can be detached and replaced with the supplied fully converting protective cover. Designed to ensure that the most rigorous safety standards are met, the Volvo towbars are especially designed for each model. They interact with the trailer using the DSTC-system for extra stability adjusting the wheel by braking at excess speeds. Ask for more information.​

Volvo accessories - fixed and detachable towbar

Volvo Roof Load Carrier

A specially designed roof load carrier that fit Volvo cars perfectly, they are made of durable aluminium profiles and feet with fully covering black plastic casings. The feet fit in the car's prepared mounts in the door openings and the mounting mechanism is well protected. Easy to install and dismount, they are the first choice for extra loading. Ask for more information.​

Volvo Cars Accessories - Roof Load Carrier

Volvo Cars Dog Gate

A very practical dog gate that keeps the dog from jumping out of the boot when the door is opened. One or two compartments can be adjusted depending on the combination of the protective grille. Ask for more information.​

Plastic Mat for Load Compartment

A protective plastic mat for the boot of Volvo cars which can be easily slid in and out, protecting from water, mud and dirt. Ideal for those dirty jobs, keeping the interior of the load compartment clean and tidy. Ask for more information.

Also available at Sentinel Volvo:

    • Towbar wiring and adapter • Protective nylon net for load comparment • Load compartment mat organiser • Load lashing strap • Electrical socket for load compartment • Load compartment dirt cover • Lock kit with the same key for up to six locks

      Get in touch with our Volvo accessories team on 0208 8002200 for more information on all the product range.