Is your car ready for the Summer Holidays?


The summer holidays are just around the corner and we cannot wait for the well-deserved break. Now, the last thing you would want is your car suddenly deciding to take time off too. So to help minimise the chances of a breakdown, here are some tips to get you ready to hit the road.

Vehicle Check List

  • Engine oil level – remember to check it on the flat with the engine cold
  • Radiator coolant level – never check when the engine is hot and never put cold water into a hot radiator; it is recommended to take extra water for topping up especially if travelling to hot places
  • Tyre tread and pressure – Tread should be above 3mm (the depth of a pound coin); good tyres will make your drive safer, legal and more economical too
  • Wipers and Screen wash levels – Use a good quality screen wash to help remove all kinds of dirt and dust; wipers should be working smoothly
  • Mandatory equipment - Check the status of the spare wheel, warning triangle, first aid kit and other safety equipment; obligatory equipment may vary between countries if travelling abroad
  • Air con – Check if it is blowing cool air from all vents and at different temperature settings
  • Satnav – Make sure to have the up-to-date maps
  • Foreign regulations - If driving through Europe, get informed about the driving rules and regulations that apply to each country; and if driving outside the EU, extra driving documents may be mandatory
  • Road assistance - Check if your motor insurance and breakdown policy covers you if travelling abroad and the kind of assistance available; make a note of emergency numbers
  • Take with you – Plenty of fresh water, snacks and entertainment for the kids; a mobile phone charger in case of emergency while in remote places and have the number unblocked for foreign trips

Summer Health Check for your Volvo
In addition to the above, it is important to check the mechanical and electrical aspects of your vehicle. And that should be done by a professional service centre.

At Sentinel Volvo, we are offering all our customers a completely free of charge Summer Check. During this inspection, your Volvo will be put through a 25-point check including a software diagnosis and a courtesy wash and vacuum. This can be done in less than one hour and you will be informed immediately about the diagnostic results – what is working fine, what needs attention and and what is urgent. Then, based on our diagnostics, you can decide what and if any work should be carried out to your Volvo. So, until then, the Vehicle Health Check is completely free.

By keeping all these points in check, you are certainly headed for a smooth ride. So get in touch with Sentinel Volvo today and book your Summer Health Check on 0208 8002200 or use the form below.

Safe journeys!