Volvo Apps & Technologies You Should be Getting


Your Volvo can now connect to the internet and smart devices, to give you what you want, when you want it. Learn how to connect to your and discover new Volvo apps here. This page will be updated as new technologies and apps are launched.

Connect your Volvo to the internet

The most common way to connect to your Volvo is by using your smartphone, with the advantage of having internet connection, play music, make and receive calls and much more. More recent Volvo models have a built-in SIM card slot, offering the option to connect straight to 3G internet without the need of a smartphone. The way to set up a connection depends on which Volvo model and phone you are using and the information about compatibility is found on the Volvo Website.

This is all possible thanks to Sensus Connect,Volvo's infotainment system. Learn more about Sensus Connect online using this interactive and fun page, it is as if you were inside your car.

Volvo on Call

Volvo on Call is a mix of emergency and tracking services but also allows you to control your car remotely. In case of a breakdown or accident, at the push of a button, your Volvo will be remotely located by the Volvo Assistance Team and assistance can be sent to you straight away. Some of the other functionalities of Volvo on call include access to your car’s dashboard, the door lock status and fuel level. The engine can be started before you step inside your Volvo as well as some of the cabin preferences such as seat and cabin heater. Before starting a journey, look up the destination on your device and have the directions sent to your Volvo. If you happen to forget where you have parked it, let the app remind you. To be able to use the Volvo on Call App, your Volvo needs to be equipped with the factory option Volvo on Call (VOC) and be a model year 2012 or later. Find out which functions are available for your Volvo on the official website.

Available for: Smartphone, smartwatch or iPad for Apple, Google and Windows.

Volvo Manual

The official Volvo Manual for your car, on your phone. You can select language and the model year, search for information using keywords, by category or via visual navigation. There are even some video clips to help you through your query. The content gets constantly updated with the addition of new cars and models. If you Volvo is not listed on the app, you can find information for previous models going as far back as 1965 on the Volvo Website.

Available for: Apple and Google Play / for Volvo MY 2014 and older

My Volvo Magazine

Take a digital drive exploring everything that is happening in the Volvo world, with My Volvo Magazine. The official Volvo magazine brings you news and updates, tips, offers and accessory information to keep you on top of everything you need to know about your Volvo. The seasonal competitions are nothing less than super exciting with the latest one sending four lucky couples on a week trip to Sweden, including a visit to Volvo’s factory in Gothenburg and an iconic vintage train journey through the countryside.

Available for: iPad and Android

Apple CarPlay

The latest launch by Volvo and the ultimate infotainment system, Apple CarPlay enables you to use many of the functions on your iPhone using the car’s centre display, activated by voice and touch commands. You can listen to music, send and receive messages, make and answer calls and use Siri, the voice-controlled assistant in the iPhone, amongst lots of other things. The number of apps that can be accessed are on the increase and future integrations will include videos, audio books, to give you an idea. But to keep with tradition, only apps that will not compromise on safety will be accessible.

Available for: iPhone 5 or later / the new XC90 - contact Sentinel to find out more.

If you would like more information about the available technologies to get you connected to your Volvo, contact Sentinel Volvo in north London on .


* Some of the technologies are available for specific model and year