1. How do I Apply Lifepaint?

2. How does Lifepaint work?

Albedo100 Reflective Spray reflects the light in the same direction as the light that hits the object. So when you are hit by light from a car it is only the passengers in the car that will see the reflection. People standing at the “wrong” angle will not see the reflection. Our recommendation is to spray on low areas, since headlights using half-beam tend to be directed towards the ground. The legs are a good place to spray – the combination of being closer to the ground, and moving increases visibility.

3. How long does a can last?

When you spray you use approximately 1 ml/sec. So a 200 ml can will last for approximately 100 sprays.

4. What does Lifepaint reflective spray contain?

Albedo100 reflective Spray consists of transparent glue, reflective microspheres and propellant gas (butane/propane gas-mixture).

5. Is Lifepaint dangerous?

Albedo100 reflective Spray is not dangerous, but as with all sprays it should be used as intended and not by children. Only spray in well-ventilated areas, preferably outside, do not spray close to eyes, mouth or nose, and do not inhale the spray.


6. Can Lifepaint irritate the skin?

Albedo100 reflective Spray is made of components that do not irritate the skin. E.g a glue is used, which is similar to that on most adhesive plasters. But if you are sensitive, you should take care, and avoid direct contact with the skin.

7. It says on the product that it may cause dizziness. Why is this?

The aerosol propellant (Butane/propane gas) is the reason for this. The text

occurs on most aerosol sprays, including hairspray (which also contains

Butane/propping’s). As with all sprays you should always spray in well

ventilated areas.

8. It says that the product is flammable. Does this mean that the object I am spraying on will become flammable?

The product contains Butane/Propane gas which is the same gases that are used in e.g hairspray. The gas propels the particles out of the can but does not stick to the object/textile you are spraying on.

9. I sprayed Lifepaint on my jeans but can't see any effect?

If you follow the instructions you will get a surface of spray which is invisible in daylight, but light-reflective. So you shouldn´t be able to see the spray unless you shine a light on it. However, do not spray on wet surfaces. Only spray on dry surfaces, otherwise much of the reflective effect will disappear. This applies particularly to fur. If you don´t see a reflective effect it usually depends on how you control the result. The best way to control the result is to:

1. Hold a flashlight at eye-level and shine on the sprayed area.

2. Take a photo using a flash, and look at the picture..

3. Sit in a car, turn on the headlights, and view the sprayed object from a distance.

10. What happens when I wash my clothes - will the spray stick to the other clothes in the washing machine?

The function of detergents is not only to clean the clothes of dirt, but also to bind the dirt/capsule it and take it out to the drain without making the other clothes in the machine dirty. The reflective particles are dispersed in the same way, and therefor reaches the drain together with the dirt, without attaching to the other clothes.

11. How do I remove Lifepaint from my clothes?

Albedo100 Invisible Bright disappears when washed. If it does not disappear completely you have probably sprayed too much, and too close to the surface. However, the spray will disappear eventually. Soak the object in water and soap/detergent and carefully rub the surface by hand.

12. How long does Lifepaint stay on the clothes?

How long Invisible Bright sticks depends on several factors. Foremost it depends on if the surface is subject to mechanical wear, what materials you spray on and how much spray you apply (the more spray the longer it sticks). With normal wear on e.g. a pair of jeans Invisible Bright may stick up to a week. If you spray on an object such as your jogging shoes or backpack which is not subject to wear in the same degree as a pair of pants, the spray sticks longer. Since the spray wears away and the effect gradually decreases it is good to regularly control how long Invisible Bright stick to your clothes. If you notice that the reflective effect

lessens (see below how to control) you should add more spray. When you wash your clothes Invisible Bright disappears which means you need to apply again.

13. Does Lifepaint stick even if I go out in the rain?

Yes. But remember that Lifepaint sticks best to surfaces that are dry when you apply the spray. If you go out in the rain after application, the spray will not disappear. It is not until you wash your clothes that the ingredients in the detergent dissolves the glue, together with the mechanical effect, that it will disappear.

14. How do I spray symbols and texts for best result?

You can spray different texts and symbols. Your imagination is the only limit. The best result is achieved if you cut out templates and spray on the template (in order to get even edges). It says on the can that the spray is harmful to aquatic organisms.

15. Is it dangerous to spray Lifepaint on animals?

For animals, you should use a different product by Albedo100/Horse & Pets, not Lifepaint. It has been developed to give optimum visibility and gentle on fur. You should not use Albedo100 Horse and Pets on animals that you know are sensitive to shampoo and similar products. You should obviously not spray on wounds or cuts, or in the face.