All-New Volvo XC90 Excellence & Excellence Console

Volvo has unveiled two variations on the most awaited car of the year, the all-new Volvo XC90 Excellence and the XC90 Excellence Lounge Console, at the Shanghai Automotive Show this week.

It is based on the all-new XC90 which was launched in August last year and will be rolling out of its Gothenburg factories this summer. But the similarities stop there.

The XC90 Excellence and XC90 Excellence Lounge Console have a four and three seat configuration, respectively, differing from their originator’s seven seat sports utility vehicle (SVU) cabin. The rear seats have been removed allowing for a more spacious cabin to incorporate the extra features to make it a winner in its category.

The reclining back seats come complete with massage, ventilation, extended legroom, heating and cooling system. Both rear seats are divided by a built-in fridge stocked with crystal glasses from Swedish glass design company Orrefors, and spacious enough to keep a couple of bottles of your choice.

To speak true luxury, Volvo has taken care of the smallest details adding ambient lighting, illuminated storage, in-cabin noise cancellation system as well as Pirelli Noise Cancelling System Tyres (PNCS). Less noise pollution makes room for the incredible 19 speaker sound system, resulting in unrivalled high fidelity sound reproduction and sound effect in the rear seats. A perfect combination with the two rear seat high definition display. And there are more than meets the eyes. Swedish love for fresh, clean air has inspired Volvo to integrate an ionic air cleaner in the Clean Zone climate system that works by positively charging particles (smoke or dust, for instance) in the air which are then removed from the cabin.

The all-new Volvo XC90 Excellence Lounge Console 

Including all the decadent features that its four-seater sibling offers, the XC90 Lounge Console had its front passenger seat replaced by a multifunctional module that converts into a footrest, touchscreen large display for in-car entertainment, a table and extra storage for personal items. 

The true potential here is to offer a combination of clever workspace and relaxing travelling experience to ensure maximum comfort irrespective of the journey. This is truly a first class cabin experience.

The XC90 Excellence is Volvo’s most luxurious product to date, combining everything that the name Volvo stands for nowadays: design, refinement, comfort and style. It will be available globally later on this year, so keep checking back with Sentinel Volvo.

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