Volvo Wiper Blades

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Rain, snow, muddy roads, high speeds – the wiper blades must be able to perform well under a variety of conditions. Considering the fact that 20% of all road accidents are related to lack of visibility, it also becomes clear that windscreen wipers must be seen as safety components.

The rubber in Volvo Genuine Wipers has a graphite layer which decreases the friction and noise and increases the lifetime of the blades. There is also an integrated spoiler that helps secure the contact with the windscreen under higher speeds.

The recommendation is that you check the wiper blades twice a year and change them once a year.

Volvo Genuine Wiper Blade Approval Requirements

Volvo genuine wiper blades for all models
  • Rubber properties (hardness, elongation, staining)
  • Wiping performance on stationary car and at high speeds
  • Durability at reduced wiping angle 

  • Structural mechanical resistance (lateral force, impact)
  • Heat and cold tests
  • Resistance to corrosion, ozone and chemicals


"Most Volvo cars are fitted with rain sensors that activate the rear wipers automatically when reverse gear is engaged. However, rear wipers get disregarded over the years although they still get used as frequently as the front ones. When buying front wipers, starting from £6 get the rear ones as a set."

Volvo Wiper Blades Selling Points

1. Volvo wiper blades have one of the highest levels of graphite for better contact with the windscreen. The graphite layer decreases the friction (higher visibility) and noise and increases the lifetime of the blades (extended durability).

2. Clear visibility thanks to smooth and steady wiping action in all weathers and speeds. Designed for optimised pressure distribution along the blade, with careful choice of materials and exact precision.

3. Carefully tested for optimum performance in Volvo cars. Tested in both laboratories and on cars before being approved as a Volvo Genuine Wiper.

4. Safety standards due to optimum visibility and performance.

Genuine Volvo parts available from Sentinel Volvo in North London


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Genuine Volvo screen wash and wiper blades

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