Sentinel Service Plans

Need a new Aircon filter? Does your car need a software update? As your Volvo Specialists in London we can look after your Volvo and help you get back on the road.

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  • We care for Volvos of all ages, from the classics to the most modern models, with service plans to suit every age of car.
  • Our highly experienced technicians only use the most up to date manufacturer-approved equipment
  • We only ever use Genuine Volvo Parts, which are designed to optimise perfectly with your Volvo.
  • Only Volvo approved Service Centres such as ours can offer you a genuine Volvo service stamp.

Brake pads, brake discs - check

SRI - Set the service reminder indicator (SRI) to zero

Engine, transmission - check for leaks

Air cleaner passenger compartment replace

Additional actions completed:

Automatic transmission control - check the park / neutral position (PNP) switch

Engine coolant - check and adjust the antifreeze/ corrosion protection strength

Engine oil, oil filter - change oil and oil filter

External lighting - check the function

Fluid levels - engine compartment - check and adjust the brake fluid, clutch fluid power steering fluid, washer fluid, coolant level.

Fuel filter - drain off the condensation

Horn - check operation

Parking brake - check and adjust

Seat belts - check the function and for signs of wear

Washers and wipers for windshields and headlamps - check the function and for signs of wear

Wheels and tyres: check for damage, thread depth of tyres in mm.

Headlamp / fog lamp - check and align.

Reset tyre pressure monitor system

Tyres excl. spare wheel: check and adjust the air pressure.

Vehicle with camera for collision warning - clean the inside of the windscreen in front of the camera lens.