Volvo Motability

If you acquired your vehicle through the Motability scheme, the service cost will be covered by the Motability package. Sentinel Volvo in north London is proud to offer a car servicing through the Motability scheme. Servicing your Volvo regularly is important to ensure that all the safety aspects are in check and that your car is running at top performance every time.

The following checks are usually included in the yearly service:

• Engine oil change
• Windscreen washer fluids
• Engine coolant and antifreeze
• Lights check
• Tyre tread and pressure (including spare wheel)

In addition, extra maintenance is carried out following Volvo's strict service schedule, which varies based on the age of the car and mileage. Any extra repairs and wear and tear that are not included in your Insurance Cover Booklet may be chargeable, but our technicians will check with the Motability team beforehand. If you have a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) needing a service, it will have to be carried out by a Volvo dealer like ourselves. For any other maintenance or repair of conversion items, please contact our service team at Sentinel on or your specialist WAV converter for further information.


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