The aim of Volvo Personal Service is to offer a whole new, premium experience to our customers, cutting down on the unnecessary and focusing on what really matters to them. Inspired by Volvo’s ethos ‘Built Around You’, it is part of our initiative to becoming once again a world leader, now in the car servicing front, and to differentiate from the competition.

VPS concentrates on the three most fundamental factors to offering customers a premium experience: A direct relationship; respect for people’s time; and simplicity in offering the right solution.

DIRECT RELATIONSHIP – Your own Personal Service Technician (PST)

From the time of booking, throughout the servicing work and until the check out, customers will have a Personal Service Technician looking after them at all times. By speaking directly with customers, the technicians are able to get to the problem faster and offer a quicker, completely focused solution. Customers will benefit by being informed about the service progress as it happens and can sign off any necessary work immediately, saving time and avoiding any unpleasant surprises. By dealing with customers year in year out, the technicians can build an accurate customer profile based on individual needs, so the relationship evolves and servicing time Vs quality matures, accordingly. As an extension to the PST service, customers can get assistance from their own PST throughout the year, for any motoring needs, small or big, or just for a quick chat for those things that do not require a booking


Time is at a premium in our fast-paced society. With this in mind, VPS aims to speed everything up along the way. Timed appointments and precise job completion times are now available. Customers will know exactly when to expect their car back so that they can carry on with their busy lives. To achieve this, one of the most important innovations behind VPS is the ability to offer ‘while you wait’ appointments. By having two technicians working simultaneously on a vehicle, servicing times are now halved, with 98% of services finished within an hour so customers have the chance to relax or do some work sitting comfortably in our dedicated lounges.


Every customer is different, consequently their needs change too. From a complete service covering all the recommended work, or a budget one, the PST way enables technicians to offer the right solution tailored to each individual. So immediately after the first contact with the customer and the problem detected, the PST is able to offer options regarding costs and speed of service, pre-order parts for the job, so everything is ready to go once the Volvo arrives in the workshop.


By using the VPS way and having their own PST, customers will notice a speedy service due to the most accurate planning beforehand. The PST will be their single point of contact throughout the whole journey, with no middle person, so problem detection and solutions can be achieved at record rates.

Sentinel Volvo is proud to be amongst the only three pioneering Volvo service centres in the UK to offer the VPS package. So next time you book your Volvo in for a service, ask your Personal Technician more about VPS, part of the Volvo way.

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