Volvo Technologies

Volvo has been at the forefront of automotive innovation for many years, and continues to release features and technologies that raise the bar for all others. Past innovations include three-point seatbelts, which are now a compulsory safety feature for all carmakers, and the passenger airbag.

The Swedish manufacturer is committed to constantly enhancing its vehicle technology for the benefit of all road users. Understanding Volvo’s technology can help you to get the most from it, and you can read about the latest advancements on this page.

Alternatively, contact Sentinel Volvo in north London to speak with an adviser, or visit us in person for a demonstration of any feature.

Volvo apps and connectivity technology

You may be able to connect your smartphone to your Volvo and enjoy all your favourite apps plus other online services. Find out more about the connected features that are available and how you can access them.

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Volvo City Safety - Intellisafe

Most road accident occur at speeds of less than 30mph. Volvo’s City Safety technologies help to prevent these accidents by acting as an extra pair of eyes on the road.

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Volvo Sensus

The Volvo Sensus infotainment system offers a package of features designed to entertain and connect both driver and passenger on the road.

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Volvo Drive-E powertrains

The manufacturer’s Drive-E engines provide more power with lower fuel consumption and emissions. They save money and care for the environment without compromising on your driving enjoyment.

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Volvo Clean Zone

Volvo’s Clean Zone interior pack cares for the health of you and your passengers. More than just an air filter, the system combines with sensors to monitor the quality of the air in the cabin and keep harmful substances out.

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