Volvo Clean Zone

The Clean Zone Interior Package in Volvo cars is a combination of technologies and fittings responsible for regulating the quality of air for the occupants and the amount of carbon footprint produced.
An enhanced fan function starts to operate when the car is opened with the remote control key, filling with fresh air. The function starts when required and is disengaged automatically after a certain time or when one of the passenger compartment doors is opened. The amount of time the fan runs is reduced gradually due to reduced need up until the car is 4 years old.

The Interior Air Quality System (IAQS)

Volvo's IAQS package is an industry innovation, uses a Multifilter, which unlike normal pollen filters, it is capable of keeping out dust, pollen, bacteria and other harmful particles. Its sensor monitors the incoming air for noxious substances and If the level of such harmful substances becomes too high (for eg. when driving through a tunnel), the air intake will automatically shut. Working together, the multifilter and sensor keep out a number of harmful and irritating pollutants and unpleasant odours, which usually makes the air inside Volvo cars (fitted with Clean Zone) better than the air outside.

* The CZIP is available on certain Volvo models.

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