Volvo Drive-E Powertrain Engines

Volvo's Drive-E range of powertrains take efficient driving pleasure to a new dimension. This industry-first by Volvo reduces the number of cylinders to four from the conventional six or eight cylinders, enhancing the power and lowering fuel consumption in the vehicle. These smaller and smarter engines have two main configurations: Drive-E diesel ranging from 120hp to 230hp; and direct-injected petrol, starting at 140hp going all the way up to 300+hp.

Such boost in power for such a small four cylinder engine is aided by several levels of turbo-charging, maximising fuel comsumption which results in anything between 10 - 30% of fuel savings, compared to a similar 6-cylinder engine. This is achieved by a more efficient fuel combustion and lighter cars, due to the smaller engine fitted.

Drive-E engines are synonym of smaller, more efficient engines in lighter, more powerful cars. This all goes in line with Volvo's view of what is to shape the future of motoring.

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