Volvo Sensus

Designed to entertain and inform both driver and passengers, Volvo Sensus provide a complete package of features including apps, mobile phone connectivity, TV and even access to the internet. Having safety always in mind, Sensus connect offers features necessary for the driving experience but avoiding distraction to the driver.

Sensus Classic

Sensus Classic includes a high level of functions and features such as Bluetooth connectivity, USB cable streaming, voice control and DAB radio. The basic performance features a 5 inches screen while the high performance, 7 inches.

Sensus Connected Touch

Volvo cars fitted with Sensus Classic have the option to upgrade to a Sensus Connected Touch which offers internet connectivity using your smart mobile phone as a WiFi hotspot, or by inserting a mobile SIM directly into Sensus.

Using a touch screen to operate it, it allows functions such as NAV (satellite navigation), streaming services like Spotify, DAB radio and much more.

Sensus Connect (MCA)

For models from late 2013 and older, Sensus Connect brings a larger bundle of features and offers a higher dimention to internet connectivity and seach, all to enhance your driving experience. As an addition to the previous models' functions, Sensus Connect includes:

• Parkpedia: Helps you find parking spots
• Sticher: On demand radio news and podcasts
• Radio: Digital radio streaming
• Local Search: Find places around you or at your destination
• Find fuel
• Park & Pay: Allows you to pay for parking
• Weather
• Wiki location: Learn about places of interest around you

... and much more.

Sensus Connect (SPA)

The launch of the new XC90 also saw the launch of a new infotainment dash called 'Sensus Connect'.

With a completely new interface similar to that of tablet, Sensus connect offers similar options for apps, navigation patterns and connectivity to the internet using a mobile SIM card. You can connect your smart phone to the new Sensus Connect and use its touch screen to operate basic functions on on the phone.

Apple CarPlay

iPhone users are now able to connect their phones to their Volvo via Apple CarPlay, giving them a wider option of apps and media straight on the Sensus screen. Find out more about Apple CarPlay in our Volvo Apps & Technologies blog page.

To fully unleash all the power behind Sensus in your Volvo car, please refer to the Owner's manual which can be downloaded from the Volvo Cars Support website.

Sentinel offers a wide range of Volvo Selekt models fitted with the latest Sensus infotainment system. Get in touch today to find out more about Sensus connect.