Volvo Tyres

The tyres in your car play a crucial role in the safety and performance of your Volvo. Make sure that the tyres pressure are always in check and the tread is not below the minimum legal requirement of 1.6mm throughout a continuous band in the centre. It pays to carry a spare tyre - even if it's a skinny version - for emergencies so that you can reach the closest garage in case recovery is not available to you.

Sentinel Volvo supplies a wide range of Volvo genuine rims and recommended tyres, and you can have them fitted at our north London Volvo dealership, along with wheel balancing and tracking, if needed.


Visit our online shop, the one-stop shop to buy Volvo tyres online, and find the right tyre for you. Book now, pay only when fitted.


Volvo Rims and Alloy Wheels

See our extensive range of Volvo wheels readily available. In case what you are looking for is not in stock, we will be happy to order them for you on a 2 working day delivery basis. At Sentinel, we constantly offer discounts on all our products so please get in touch for the updated prices.


Volvo Wheel Hub Cap Kit

Hub Cap Kit

A Volvo Hub cap with the ironmark (logo) can be bought as a set of four hub caps.

Available in silver and dark grey.

Lockable Volvo wheel bolt kit

Lockable wheel bolt kit

The lockable bolts are fitted in a way that it's difficult to undo without the proper tools, offering extra safety against theft and with added anti rust protection.

Available in tech grey matt, silver and chromed.

Winter Tyre and Tyre Hotel

In snowy conditions, winter tyres can reduce the braking distance by up to 10% on wet surfaces and up to 20% on icy roads. Since the vast majority of road accidents during winter is due to skidding, it's a no brainer that winter tyres can offer you added safety through the cold months.

At Sentinel, we offer 16", 17" and 18" winter tyre packages depending on the Volvo model and existing wheels fitted. If you don't have extra space to put away your existing tyres, we offer a Tyre Hotel until when the warm days are back, with fitting included.

Volvo Tyre Sock From Only £69.99

If you are planning a trip to the Alps or expecting a very snowy drive, we offer Volvo tyre socks which are easy to transport and easy to fit.